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Outdoor cabinet

Since the voice accessing way—copper cable couldn’t satisfy the requirement of high broadband, operators have decided to move DSLAM down as their strategy. In addition, there are many distinct disadvantages in traditional civil engineering room, which restricts the rapid site selection of base station while outdoor cabinet can provide the reasonable and scientific solutions for operators, including expanding business, choosing location, saving resources, etc.  

The outdoor cabinet from Pvinergy is composed of waterproof cabinet and internal functional components. The internal functional components contain communication power management system, temperature control system, environmental monitoring system, audio/data and fiber distribution management system, other enclosures, and cabinet with excellent material and corrosion resistance, which can be applicable for various harsh environment and offer the trustful and overall security for the equipment.

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  • To improve the effect of heat preservation and radiation protection, double design is adopted with

excellent  heat insulation cotton inside;

  • The outdoor cabinet is made of superior SGSS with high strength and good rot resistance;
  • Good aging resistance sealing material for car is used in door seal;
  • IP55 can be reached in the cabinet protection;
  • Beautiful appearance, scientific cabling and convenient for use;
  • Dismountable filter is installed on the air inlet, preventing the entrance of dust and mosquito, 

and the pollution of cabinet;

  • Outstanding antitheft protection with hinge hidden inside the door, cabinet without exposed 

screw and theftproof door  locks of zinc alloy;

  • Professional lightning protection design with external power supplying the power to equipment 

via the air switch and  lightning protection module;

  • Reliable grounding design for ensuring the safety of operators and active devices;
  • Decreasing the maintenance service with the installation of automatic recovery switch without electricity;
  • Excellent adaptability and application with the aerial and landing installation;