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Pvinergy Technologies, LLC/LTD exhibited successfully in 2016 Intersolar Europe

Munich, June 29,2016- Today Pvinergy Technologies announced its successful participation in the prestigious Intersolar Europe exhibition, where over 1500 visitors from all over Europe, and Middle East (EMEA) region visited our booth, to see & explore our product groups ranging from:
·         Residential solar systems, 5W to 1,000W (PVES)
·         Hybrid Inverters/Solar systems for industrial applications: 1KW to 30KW. (PVTS)
·         Solar water pumps systems: 750W to 75KW (1 phase, 2 phase, 3 phase) systems (PVPS)
·         iSolar family of products: Integrated Solar System for outdoor environment: 300W to 1000W (PVIS)
·         Solar LED Street Lights (All in One): 8W to 90W
·         Solar Umbrella, Pvinergy unique custom design outdoor solar umbrella features 6 meters diameter structure, 3.6KW power AC & DC, Wi-Fi (WAN), more… (PVUS)
·         Solar Freezer systems 100L to 200L, DC/Solar input and some DC/Solar & AC/grid input
·         Controllers and chargers (MPPT & PWM)(PVCS)
·         Outdoor custom cabinets.
Pvinergy is California, USA based company, with manufacturing in Shenzhen, China, this combination enables Pvinergy to provide state of the art technology, at the highest quality, and at most competitive Chinese prices.
Thanks to our existing loyal customers worldwide, and our new customers from Europe & Middle East, Pvinergy is experiencing rapid growth, and great success in the Renewable Energy Market.
Ben Orenstein, Chairman & CEO: We are looking forward to successful and profitable 2016-17, the dedication of our USA and China teams are the main contributors to our rapid growth in new products and revenues.